Nestled in the beautiful Sirmione, Residence Bella Sirmione Holiday Apartments offers you the opportunity to discover a unique territory between Garda Lake and the moraine hills, just on the south part of Garda lake in the provinces of Brescia and Mantova. We offer you the opportunity to live a day cycling where you can enjoy nature, discover some of the oldest villages in the area and take a trip into history by visiting some of the places made famous by the battles Risorgimentali such us as Solferino and San Martino della Battaglia. You can enjoy magnificent views from the moraine hills or achieve wonderful country. The tours will last a day through paths suitable for everyone because the experience is especially pleased to live and enjoy the beauty that the Territory offers. Even for those who love Road Bike and MTB and wants to satisfy his desire for sport and holiday. The landscape offers the possibility of outputs of paths of great beauty.  Unique emotions to live while riding a bicycle.

Wednesday: Departure from Sirmione, we will reach the town of Salò where its gulf appears to be one of the most beautiful and characteristic of Garda Lake.
When you get to Barcuzzi after a visit to Desenzano del Garda will take the new Ciclovia Valtenesi with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a hilly region of Lake among olive trees and vineyards and visit ancient castles and villages across the country like Padenghe, Soiano and the lakes of Sovenigo, a small natural oasis where you can admire the colors of summer. Do not miss the opportunity of beautiful panorama with views ranging across the lake admiring also the Isola del Garda. The return will be through the long lake back to Sirmione.
The trail is about 65 km of roads with low traffic or in some sections of the bike path, suitable for all but addressing some altitude.

Friday: Departure from Sirmione, we head to Peschiera del Garda, from where you can reach the Ciclabile Peschiera – Mantova, one of the most popular cycle routes in Europe. Following the River of Mincio we can admire a variety of blooming vegetation and thus enjoy a first section completely flat. We will visit the country along the path of Monzambano where there is a castle dating to the period of Scaligeri and two historic churches dating back at least to 1500. Taking the path we will arrive in what is considered one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” Borghetto sul Mincio that deserves a stop, as Valeggio, famous for its tortellini and the presence of a castle. The return will be on an undulating route through the hills moraine that will allow us to reach Garda Lake and returning to Sirmione.
Route 50 km of bike path in its own headquarters and secondary roads with low traffic.

Sunday: The Hills of the Garda Lake. Starting from Sirmione, we will drive into the hills moraine where we will make a leap in history to visit the hills of the Italian Risorgimento and its historic towns. We will visit San Martino della Battaglia, where there is a museum with some of the historical relics of the Battle of June 24, 1859. From there, following a path where you will admire fantastic landscapes made of vineyards and lush crops, will arrive in the village of Solferino, famous for the Fortress called the “Light of Italy” in which are preserved some historical relics and the memorial of the Red Cross, in addition to its historic square. The journey continues in the direction of Cavriana, another historical Village in which there are many historic buildings dating back to 1500. We will go towards Volta Mantovana in which you can make a stop to visit Palazzo Cavriani, dating back to the Renaissance period. Secondary roads with low traffic or stretches of dirt road we will also have the pleasure of being in contact with nature and admire you spot of great beauty reaching another village Castellaro Lagusello, one of the nicest place in the morainic. Our journey through Pozzolengo us back on Garda Lake from where we will return to Sirmione.
The route is 50 km of undulating roads with low traffic or stretches of dirt road.

The cost of the tours is 45,00 € * per person and includes guide and bike rental suited to address all types of land expected to move around in comfort and serenity and enjoy the ride.

The cost of the trip with only companion (not provided bike rental) is € 30,00 **.

All tours last for a day starting at 9:30 am and return approximately to 17:00 or a little bit later so than, you can make stops along the route to visit the places and taste local products.


The guided tours and bike rental are carried out with groups of minimum 4 people maximum 10 people, this to ensure adequate assistance to all participants.
For further inquiries, questions and insights at our Residence you can meet an expert in cycling who will show you all the paths and guide you in choosing the best trip for you, or you can contact him in advance to the following email:

* The cost includes:
• Insurance
• Accompanying Cicloturistico
• Rent a Bike
• Packed lunch
• Please inform the height of the tourist also to ensure the best means available
• Transfer (where provided)

** The cost includes:

• Insurance
• Accompanying Cicloturistico
• Packed Lunches
• Transfer (where provided)